Stevie French


Lizzie Fox-Top on

written and illustrated by Stevie French (Createspace Books)

“Lizzie with your hair so red, what’s that fox doing on your head?” So demand the townsfolk of Lizzie’s world the morning after an abandoned baby fox wanders in through her moonlit window. When the fox finds comfort on top of the little girl’s red head, the pair become fast friends, despite everyone in town’s protests. After a few mishaps including one angry grocer, several stolen eggs, and a surprising trip to the forest, will Lizzie and the fox be able to stay friends?


Cousin Ann’s Stories for Children on

written by Ann Preston / illustrated and designed by Stevie French (Inner Light Books)

Ann Preston (1813-1872) is best known as a medical pioneer and nineteenth century Quaker activist. The immediate cause of the publication of Cousin Ann’s Stories for Children (1849) was most likely the then recent 27 hour escape at the end of March, 1849, of Henry “Box” Brown, a Richmond slave who left his family and escaped north in a small wooden crate. Though Cousin Ann’s Stories for Children is one hundred and sixty-two years old, it still speaks to contemporary concerns and moral perspectives. In its address “To My Little Readers” she explains, “I thought I would write a little book, and that would be a good way to speak with you, though I am far away.” What Cousin Ann speaks of is practicing temperance, healthy diet and avoidance of tobacco, to treasure freedom and abhor slavery, the bounty and beauty of God’s creation, the need to treat others generously and honestly.